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The SOL-Energymanager is a domestic power generator that makes sustainable electricity generation, optimised private consumption and electricity storage in single-family homes and small businesses possible. It makes decentralised electricity generation and usage a lot simpler.
By consciously controlling private electricity consumption, intelligent power supply units contribute to easing the burden on the electricity grid, thereby giving some insight into the possibility of a future, decentralised energy supply. The target group for the SOL-Energymanager is households with an annual electricity demand of between 4000 kWh and 6000 kWh and a solar collector of approximately 4.5 - 6 kW. For this purpose, even small roof surface areas are suitable. The aim of the design is to make private consumption as high as possible with as little use as possible from the electricity grid. Even with a basic storage of 5.4 kWh consisting of 3 battery units at 1.8 kWh each, private consumption can be increased to 70-80 % from own production, depending on the annual consumption. This capacity can be increased in 1.8 kWh steps to six units and a total of 10.8 kWh.

  • Intelligent energy storage

    Following the expansion of renewable energy, the challenge for the distributed storage and intelligent control of solar energy. The energy produced by the photovoltaic system will also still be available when the sun does not produce more power - that is the task of the SOL Energy Manager. A small house power plant, consisting of the combination of PV inverter, battery inverter, energy management system and Li-ion battery.
  • Universal customer benefit

    The customer receives a compact system unit with photovoltaic inverter, battery inverter, energy management system and lithium-ion battery. All functions are located in a cabinet and are ready for use immediately after installation. The system automatically takes over the private consumption control. The user does not have to readjust manually.
  • Cost effectiveness

    The SOL-Energymanager enables the end customer to use self-generated electricity right from the beginning,
    to the benefit of the government. Those who contribute to the good of the environment and the stability of
    the electricity grid do not have to forfeit profitability. This is ensured by the highest possible efficiency
    and longevity of the individual components as well as of the system as a whole.
    In supplying the grid, the inverter has a European efficiency factor of more than 96 %.
    If electricity is supplied to the grid during the day und used at night, the total efficiency factor amounts
    to more than 90 %, thanks to the lithium-ion batteries. Our reasons for choosing modern lithium-ion batteries
    are the improved efficiency factor, the significantly longer lifespan and the improved environmental friendliness.
    The expected lifespan of lithium-ion batteries lies at a remarkable 3000 cycles or 12 to 15 years.
  • Safety

    For the SOL-Energymanager, safety in the device and therefore safety for the users
    and their property is an important criterion. Each and every installed component has
    been tested and certified. The inverter complies with the valid VDE norm (Association
    for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies). The battery unit provides maximum
    safety due to galvanic separation. Lithium-ion batteries do not produce hydrogen gas when charging.

  • Communication concept/display

    A 5.7" touch display by which all functions and components can be controlled in a simple,
    user-friendly way, is part of the design. All information regarding the supplied power,
    battery charge status, electricity supply etc. is available on the display.
  • Modular structure

    Thanks to the modular structure, the battery units of 1.8 kWh can be installed or expanded as desired.
  • Remote monitoring and controlling

    The power generator can be remotely controlled in comfort via the Internet or smart phone. All data can be obtained through the relevant software and applications.
    The SOL-Energymanager naturally fulfils all requirements for power management as required by the EEG 2012. Thus, a ripple control device from electric utility or PM assembly parts is no longer required.
  • Fault and unit warning

    In case of a power cut, the system switches to a grid-independent phase mode (optional).
  • Quality of the components

    All system components are produced by competent partners in the energy management and battery development industry. The SOL-Energymanager was developed in Germany and is produced in Germany.
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